Rob Smedley says it is disappointing that Williams came away empty-handed from the Monaco Grand Prix after proving unusually uncompetitive around the tight street circuit.

In a season that has so far seen it comfortably battling inside the top five, Williams endured a torrid Monaco Grand Prix, with neither Felipe Massa nor Valtteri Bottas scoring points as they struggled for mechanical grip around the low-speed venue in both qualifying and the race.

Indeed, though Head of Vehicle Performance Smedley is confident that the unique characteristics of the Monaco venue means this blip won't occur again in 2015, he nonetheless says it not good enough to have a clear 'bogey' circuit.

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"What we need to do, rather than dwell on it, the right approach is that we go away from here and we understand why we have got ourselves into this situation. Williams has aspirations to become once again a top team.

"I have said it before now and I will say it again now and I will keep repeating it, if you want to be a top team, you can't fear anywhere. You can't come to Monaco and say we have a weekend off. Up to now the car has been good enough to get between 18 and 22 points at every single race and we kind of hit that target on most occasions.

"So, you can't come to this one race and think we are going to have a weekend off. If the car is good enough to get 22 points in all of the other tracks, which is a great mix, then we have got to be able to come here and get 22 points.

"So, yes, I am incredibly disappointed - even on a personal level really. But we now just have to go away and look at all aspects of the performance. What we shouldn't do and what is entirely the wrong approach is to pick point one area and jump to all sorts of conclusions before we have been through all of the