Romain Grosjean says he was 'annoyed' that the FIA launched an inquiry into whether he 'brake-tested' Max Verstappen during the Monaco Grand Prix, an incident that prevented both from scoring points.

The Frenchman was running tenth when he was struck by a charging Verstappen in the braking zone for Ste Devote towards the latter stages of the Monaco race, sending the young Dutchman into the barrier and tipping Grosjean into a spin that dropped him to 12th.

Following the race, Verstappen suggested Grosjean hit the brakes earlier than the previous lap, a claim Lotus strenuously denied by providing data that suggested he in fact braked later. As such, Verstappen was handed a five place grid penalty for the Canadian Grand Prix.

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Indeed, Grosjean was mystified as to why the FIA launched an inquiry into the incident given he was quickly absolved, reiterating he did not intentionally try to block Verstappen dangerously.

"In Monaco it's pretty easy to keep a car behind you, even a car that's faster than you, by placing your car on the racing line and just focusing on driving your laps. The difficult bit is for the guy trying to get past.

"I didn't brake early or lift off the throttle earlier on the lap which Verstappen hit me, in fact the data showed I braked five metres later than the lap before! The FIA are pretty thorough in their investigations and I don't know which annoyed me more; being hit and knocked out of the points, or having to go through the inquiry afterwards for something that was clearly not my fault.

"Ultimately, Max caught himself out by driving too aggressively on the wrong circuit to attempt a move like he did and we both felt the consequences. He'll learn; he's a very talented driver."