Kevin Magnussen says he has trust in McLaren that it will look after his career in F1, whether that means returning to a McLaren race seat or with a rival team in time.

The Dane made his F1 debut with McLaren in 2014, but despite earning plaudits for his maiden campaign - which included a podium in Australia - he was dropped into a reserve driver role after the arrival of Fernando Alonso and the decision to retain Jenson Button.

Save for his curtailed return to action in Australia this year, Magnussen has maintained a spot on the sidelines and it remains unclear where his F1 future progresses from here, particularly as Alonso and Button are on multi-year contracts, while he faces potential competition from fellow McLaren prot?g? Stoffel Vandoorne.

Despite this, Magnussen insists he is happy with his position in the team and has no doubt that McLaren has his best interests at heart, which he believes will see him return to F1 action soon.

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"We know Formula One is unpredictable. I believe McLaren will take care of my career, no matter what. It's not that I'm only gunning for the McLaren drive, of course I'm doing that as well. If there's no vacancy here together with Ron, Eric and my management I'll look for something else."

Despite this, Magnussen admits he would like to get back into competition as quickly as possible, but insists that is a positive feeling.

"I have itchy feet, and it should be like that I guess. It's not really possible this year and it's not the right thing to do. The right thing to do was stay with McLaren and be a part of this team's future, which I believe is going to be big. So, yes I have itchy feet and I want to go racing, but I'm also very young.

"I'm 22 years old and I have a lot of time ahead so I can afford one year to do what I do now which is learn and gain a bit more experience and learn different things perhaps I wouldn't learn about if I wasn't in the car. It's actually not a bad thing, for some things, being on the side-lines watching because you learn different things."