Daniel Ricciardo is optimistic his fourth and final Renault power unit will get to the end of the Canadian Grand Prix without any issues as Red Bull attempts to prolong his inevitable penalty.

The Australian is currently on the last of his power units before he will be required to take a grid penalty, but while it was always expected to survive the low output Monaco Grand Prix, the higher speed Circuit Gilles Villeneuve is considered to be more strenuous.

Nonetheless, Ricciardo says the calculations show the power unit has a good chance of reaching the end of the Canadian Grand Prix without any problems, adding that Renault is planning to take the hit to coincide with a full update.

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"We're trying to get through this race without any penalties. We're going to try and do our normal programme. For this race on the calculations the engine should survive, I don't think we're over-pushing it if we do a full weekend with it so we're going to keep going now.

"Obviously when we do eventually have to put in the engine and put in the penalty we want to make sure the engine is as updated as possible so when we do take a penalty we have a better spec as well."

Having clinched his first F1 race win in Canada last year, Ricciardo admits it isn't likely he will be repeating the feat this year, but feels the car is more competitive than at the beginning of the year now.

"Obviously we're six months into this year so we should be ahead of where we are this year, we still want to be better but at least we're back to something we're comfortable driving with and the response is closer to what we want. That's where we are for now."