Nico Rosberg says he expects the Canadian Grand Prix to pose issues with tyre warm up during qualifying and the race following several complaints in Monaco.

As was the case at the previous round, the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve race will see Pirelli offer the super-soft tyre, but having come into criticism in Monaco for their firmness and the subsequent difficulty in getting heat into them, Rosberg believes it will be a similar problem in Canada.

"Tyre warm-up will be an issue here," he said. "The super-soft is a bit harder than last year, so that makes it a little bit more challenging than last year in qualifying, so it will be on the edge and the temperature is not supposed to be too hot. It is going to be a challenge for me."

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"This weekend is quite unique because you go to a completely different car to Monaco, so it takes time to get used to it. You go out and it is like driving a completely different car... it has less downforce, you have to brake earlier, I have less grip out of the corners

Reflecting on a run of form that has seen him win the last two races to close the gap of Lewis Hamilton to just ten points, Rosberg is keen to keep up the form.

"I have a positive experience behind me and that helps. That is how I am going into this weekend and I am good to go. It went well for me last year, it was one of my best races in the year, so good memories."