Valtteri Bottas says he expects Williams to be more competitive in the Canadian Grand Prix following its remarkable blip in form during the Monaco Grand Prix.

Neither Bottas nor Felipe Massa scored points in Monaco - with Bottas slipping out of Q1 in qualifying too -, the team putting its drop in competitiveness on the unique characteristics of the high downforce circuit.

Turning attentions to Canada, the Finn is confident Williams will not see a repeat of that form, and goes further to suggest the car - with a new engine this weekend - will potentially take the fight to Ferrari and fend off Red Bull.

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"We weren't too bad in qualifying last year so we expect to be competitive here," he said. "It depends if the others have improved or not, but if Ferrari hasn't improved and with the fresh engine we have now - engine number two - plus some aero updates, we should be not too far from them.

"We are definitely looking to beat Red Bull here. In Spain we were not far off Ferrari in qualifying or the race, so if we can make a small step forward, we should be pretty close. I can't say we are going to beat Red Bull, but we will do the best we can to do it."