Fernando Alonso admits he is likely to be taking penalties imminently as McLaren gets set to exceed its allocated use of components.

The Spaniard has been outspoken against McLaren for its struggles with reliability, urging the team to begin focusing on improving in this area before it sets to work on bringing the Honda-powered MP4-30 up to competitive speed.

As a result, Alonso - who retired with technical issues in Spain and Monaco - accepts penalties are likely very soon as McLaren continues to work on improving its package.

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"Unfortunately we will enter into some penalties because we used three or four components of many of the things that we have available, but the important thing is to put a good base for next year and I'm pretty sure we will do it.

"This first month of this season, or 2015, we know that there are areas to improve - aerodynamically we are not at the top, but there are good steps coming. With the power unit there are things to improve on the power side and the performance side."

Despite the steady rate of development, Alonso remains convinced that the experience of himself and Jenson Button will ultimately be key in improving the car over the coming races.

"Together with Jenson we have very good experience, I have Ferrari experience with similar problems last year at the beginning and he was with Mercedes and experienced also some good things last year because the Mercedes was a very good baseline, so together we can input some of the ideas from our experience that will see the light come out in the next three or four races."