Kimi Raikkonen admitted that a truncated opening day at the Canadian Grand Prix had not been enough to learn whether Ferrari's revised V6 was a Mercedes-beater.

The Finn finished third fastest in the afternoon session, and Ferrari appeared to hold the upper hand over Mercedes on the longer runs, but joined his rivals in sitting out the final hour of running as, just as happened in Monaco, rain arrived to interrupt proceedings. With team-mate Sebastian Vettel finishing second fastest to Lewis Hamilton, Raikkonen completed a solid day for the Scuderia, but insisted that, while he was happy enough with the engine, it was too early to pass real judgement on its potential.

"It is hard to say with the weather, but it should improve so we will see where we are tomorrow," he offered, "[The engine] is as we expected and it was a good time. I don't think we've done enough running to know [how good it is], but everything seems to be how we planned. We are more or less there, but there is still some work to be done. It's only Friday, so we will have to wait and see."

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With the forecasts proving correct, most teams altered their programmes to ensure that they completed as much of the scheduled workload as possible before the rain arrived.

"Obviously, the day was a bit disrupted by the weather, but this was the same for everybody," Raikkonen confirmed, "The weather is what it is and we were told to expect rain so we got certain things done differently this morning. There is still work to be done on [the tyre] side, but it is more easy [to switch them on] than in Monaco. It was normal work for us to improve things - it's just that the weather was a bit tricky today."