Mercedes has implemented a series of changes to its communication protocols in an effort to avoid the pit-stop blunder that stopped Lewis Hamilton from winning the Monaco Grand Prix.

An erroneous decision based on incorrect data to bring Hamilton into the pit-lane for tyres under the safety car in the closing stages of the race saw the Briton finish in third having led comfortably from the start up to that point.

Though the driver himself reiterated his faith in the team after the incident, which saw team-mate Nico Rosberg move to within 10 points in the overall standings, Paddy Lowe admits the error has enacted a change in the way a similar situation will be handled in the future.

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"There was a mistake made and we always look at all errors and decide what to learn from them and how that carries across to other aspects of what we do," he said. "So there were some problems with the software so we've fixed some bugs that were in that, changed some of our communications and freed up some of the people involved so they have a bit more capacity. So there are changes.

Lowe also sought to clarify comments made ahead of the Canadian Grand Prix that appeared to play down the incident, saying he wants to defend his team for making one error in an otherwise 'complex business'.

"I want to point out that, there's been a bit of a story that I thought this wasn't really a big deal," he continued. "Of course it was a big deal. I think the point I was trying to make was that it was a single error, a small error which had, of course, a big consequence.

"But I really need to stand up for my team of guys who've made very few errors over the last couple of years, and just to put that in context. F1 is a complex business, a lot of thing to get right and most of the time we do that."