Daniel Ricciardo has once more vented his frustration at the lack of progress occurring at Red Bull, saying the team cannot find the 'key' to unlock more pace.

The Australian, who scored a famous maiden F1 win in Canada last season, comes into this year's race on the back foot as Red Bull struggles to bring its RB11 up to speed in a year hampered by an uncompetitive power unit and problems with the chassis.

Qualifying ninth for this year's Canadian Grand Prix, behind team-mate Daniil Kvyat, a visibly exasperated Ricciardo admits he is at a loss to explain why Red Bull cannot get the car to work better.

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"I remember sitting here at this table a year ago, being about as p****d off as I am now, so maybe it means something," he said reflecting on a poor qualifying prior to this run to victory twelve months ago.

"We just can't seem to get a sweet spot, which brings out the frustrations. The last few races we've had updates, but to be honest they haven't really done anything for us. I don't think we really know what we need right now or where to find it.

Discussing where the working practice is a problem, Ricciardo insists updates are being made, but they aren't translating to overall improvements.

"We are trying but we are not getting much in return. We probably need to take a step back and look somewhere else or try and see if there is something fundamental we are missing. Obviously on the power side we know where that is, but on the chassis side there's something there which we can't grab onto which we had last year."

"I don't think we have moved forward this year. We haven't found anything that has been the key yet. It is not through lack of trying, we tried something big on Friday, but nothing seems to be working. Last year if we made an update here or there, it seemed to give us more."