Max Verstappen says he is hoping a safety car period can play him into contention during the Canadian Grand Prix as he contends with a grid and time penalty.

The Dutchman came into qualifying already facing a five-place grid drop as a result of being punished for his collision with Romain Grosjean in the Monaco Grand Prix, but would get slapped with a further ten-place penalty after Toro Rosso opted to change his Renault power unit.

Going on to set the 12th beest time in qualifying, with Verstappen unable to take the full effect of the penalty, he will start 19th (ahead of the also-penalised Jenson Button), but will also be forced to honour a ten second penalty during the race.

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With this in mind, the teenager is hoping a few circumstances fall his way to ensure he remains in the hunt for points.

"I knew it was coming, so you just have to deal with it and make the best of it. Now I will have a 10secs penalty and we have to do some overtaking. Hopefully a safety car will help a bit.

"Everything is possible but we will see. It will be hard to overtake on the straights but hopefully our race pace is good so we can be close to the points."