Lewis Hamilton hailed a fantastic weekend as he claimed a fourth Canadian Grand Prix victory, before dedicating the win to his engineer's late father.

Hamilton led from lights to flag to take what appeared to be a comfortable victory over Mercedes team-mate Nico Rosberg, and admitted as much even though he described the 90-minute event as 'intense' as the pair rarely ran more than a couple of seconds apart for 70 laps.

"I didn't feel I had the most comfortable balance, there was a lot of understeer, but I never really felt too much under pressure," he confirmed, "Nico was quick, but I always felt that I had it under control. I had a bit of time in my pocket to be able to pull it out when I needed to, so it was never too serious. I don't know how it was to watch, but it felt like it was intense and I really enjoyed it."

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The only moment of concern came mid-race as Hamilton was told that he would need to conserve his fuel if he wanted to be able to push at the end of the race, but the issue never became a gamechanger as Rosberg battled brake wear and the brief period where he closed to within one second of the leader quickly evaporated.

"Because Nico was in my tow, he was able to save more fuel and, for me, I thought I had saved enough, but I had to save some more," Hamilton explained, "I was just fuel saving and managed the gap to about a second when I was saving a lot of fuel. When I had saved more fuel, I was able to get on it a little bit more, but I only really needed to answer to the lap times that Nico was doing and go a tenth or so faster, so that was fine. There was a point about 15 laps from the end that I had enough fuel to push so it was good, but I just had to manage it and bring the car home safely."

Hamilton eventually crossed the line 2.2secs in front of the German, who had won the previous two rounds, to reopen his championship lead to 17 points and banish memories of the mistake that led to him losing victory in Monaco two weeks ago.

"Did I need this? Yeh, I think so but it's not really [a relief]," he insisted, "Obviously, we had that problem that allowed Nico to win the [Monaco] race but, otherwise, we have had good pace for the last few races, so it's not a relief, it's more good to continue with good strength. It's great that the team work is continuing to be strong as well - if anything, that we continue to move forwards is the most impressive thing.

"The team did an amazing job and I am so proud to be up here. My first grand prix win was here back in 2007 and to be back up here feels really historic for me."

Hamilton reserved special mention for engineer Pete Bonington, who guided him to victory just days after the sad loss of his father.

"I'm sure I speak for the team when I want to dedicate this to my engineer Bono's father," the Briton concluded, "I know it has been a tough weekend for [Bono], but he has been amazing all weekend and helped me win this today, so this is really dedicated to him."


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It would seem that a lot of people on here either havn't followed F1 for long or have forgotten that Hamilton was winning races when drivers had to actually race .As for the Canadian GP it seems like some people were totally unaware of what was actually happening in the race . As most people know these new F1 cars cannot be run nose to tail for long periods of time without the following car been adversely affected . So to those people i will repeat what has been said numerous times. Hamilton did as much as he needed to If Rosberg attacked he let him get as close as he wants him to get then controls the gap till close to end of race then puts the Hammer down at the end to put Rosberg back in his box. Yes even with these cars you can overtake but you need to be better than Rosberg to beat Hamilton . At least in a straight race anyway.