Lewis Hamilton insists it is still too early to rule out Ferrari from the Formula 1 World Championship title fight, saying it was prevented from being showing its true hand in the Canadian Grand Prix.

With Ferrari - in particular Sebastian Vettel - consistently encroaching on Mercedes' dominance this season, the Italian firm has managed to retain an interest in the title fight, if it remains something of an outside challenge.

Indeed, though Ferrari finished off the podium for the first time this year in Canada, Hamilton says it is too early to rule the team out particularly given it hasn't seen the full potential of its much discussed engine upgrade.

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"Kimi spun so we didn't really get to see his true pace in the race. Maybe at the beginning of the race he wasn't with us and also Sebastian wasn't there and obviously Sebastian has generally been the quicker of the two so far this season so we didn't really get to see Ferrari's true pace this weekend, I think, and in the next race we will. "

Team-mate Nico Rosberg, however, is impressed with the rate of development being conducted by Mercedes in its efforts to see off the Ferrari challenge.

"Well, great to see how we're continuing to push on with the development and everything. Even though Ferrari is throwing everything at it we seem to be keeping our advantage so that's really great to see and a fantastic job from the team. "