Ferrari's engine development work between the Monaco and Canadian grands prix had the desired effect - except that the team was able to exploit it in Montreal.

That is the claim of team principal Maurizio Arrivabene, who said that the team had been satisfied with the step forwarded provided by spending two of its limited remaining 'tokens' ahead of the Canadian race, but had been unable to exploit it in the pursuit of Mercedes on this occasion.

"If you look at the pace of Seb [Vettel] during the race, it is quite clear that in terms of [lap] timings we were there," Arrivabene said, rubbishing claims that Ferrari had not made any inroads as Mercedes eased to another 1-2 result, "We had a number of circumstances ..... and I'm sure that, without his problem, Seb was really there.

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"So, yes, I think the engine upgrade was giving us the positive answer we were asking for. Unfortunately, the weekend was not a good weekend for a number of circumstances that are in front of everybody, [but] the response that we had from the engine was good."

While he was happy to see Vettel fight his way back through the pack after a mechanical gremlin and red flag penalty conspired to leave him on the penultimate row of the grid, Arrivabene appeared less so with the German's team-mate, who lost a likely podium to an innocuous-looking spin after what should have been his one and only pit-stop. With Williams' Valtteri Bottas taking full advantage of his countryman's rotation at the hairpin, the two Ferraris were left to fill fourth and fifth places at the flag.

"I think, in terms of performance, it's fine but, if you're asking me if I'm happy, then no, I'm not happy," Arrivabene sighed as he reflected on the result, "Kimi had a good pace at certain points and was supposed to do a one-stop strategy but, after the spin, we went to a two-stop strategy to try and catch Bottas, but it was not possible.

"I can say that I am pleased for Vettel because he was doing a great race but, when you get points and not a podium, you can't say I'm completely satisfied. There are absolutely no changes in terms of our objectives. I have already said that, if you go every race to the podium, it is becoming boring but, when you go down from the podium, it is even worse. We need to keep the position at the podium and work hard, not to look down!

"It's a long way to go and we need to have a bit of humility to recognise that, at the moment, [Mercedes] are stronger than us. We can't be thinking that 'okay, now we have closed the gap so we can beat them every race'... this is not realistic, honestly. But the answer that we get this weekend was quite good."