Toto Wolff says he can be satisfied with Mercedes' definitive response to its Monaco Grand Prix blunder with a perfect 1-2 finish in the Canadian Grand Prix.

The team came under fire for robbing Lewis Hamilton of victory in the centrepiece event after making a mistake with its strategic plan and allowing Nico Rosberg to snatch the win from him.

Though new communication protocols have been introduced in an effort to avoid a similar event from occurring again, Wolff believes the front row and 1-2 finish in Montreal will help move it on from its faux pas, not least the attention surrounding it.

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"After Monaco it was difficult to handle it sometimes and we were exposed to massive criticism. It looked like all the victories and the world championships were forgotten and suddenly a bunch of idiots were managing the team. Probably that is the case when you have a good car and goof drivers, and then we had some ups and downs in the team.

"Lewis' race engineer Bono [Peter Bonnington] lost his father a couple of days ago and we needed to support him as much as possible, the result is satisfying considering happened in Monaco and after Monaco."