Kimi Raikkonen believes Formula 1 needs to increase speeds and ramp up the 'danger' element if it is to win back fans following criticism it has become too slow.

One of the most experienced drivers on the F1 grid, 2007 world champion Raikkonen - along with former team-mate Fernando Alonso - have been vocal in their misgivings about the current generation of F1, with lap times upwards of 10secs slower now than they were a decade ago.

It is a situation that irks Raikkonen, who believes F1 is losing support for the way it has lessened the emphasis on challenging cars, saying it needs to increase the danger of the sport if it wants to make the sport more 'exciting'.

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"When I came in to Formula One, it was more exciting for everybody," told Canal + in an interview conducted by ex-F1 racer Jean Alesi. "It was like really the top, it was a long time ago. We would have expected that cars would be faster and more exciting, but there are the rule changes... They try to make it slower.

"I'm sure something has to be done to make it more exciting to people to watch and also to really see the speed and make it a little bit more dangerous. It is part of the game. We don't want anybody to get hurt but it also makes it more exciting."

Raikkonen's future in F1 remains relatively undecided, though both he and Ferrari team principal Maurizio Arrivabene have tentatively signalled a desire to continue working together in 2016.