Rob Smedley says Williams will not subscribe to a method of bringing one big update for its FW37, preferring to instead continue 'chipping away' at the deficit in front of it.

Following a disastrous Monaco Grand Prix, during which neither Valtteri Bottas nor Felipe Massa could challenge for a top ten finish, the former gave Williams its first podium of the season in Canada, strengthening the team's now lonely third place in the Constructors' standings.

A positive bounce back after its Monaco troubles, Williams now turns its attentions to Austria, where it cause d a shock last season by locking out the front row in qualifying.

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With this in mind, Williams Chief Engineer Smedley says the team will be looking to bring a 'healthy upgrade' to the car for the Spielberg race, but insists it is part of its ethos to keep progressing consistently, rather than build up to a single leap.

"We're adding performance to the car in each and every race," he said. "We have a healthy upgrade coming in Austria but we've had healthy upgrades at quite a few of the races this year. We just keep chipping away at it. We are not in a position where we need to talk up what we are going to deliver on the track.

"What we do on the track and how many points we get should do that talking for us. What is good is we are getting upgrades all the time and we are moving to the front. Equally important is that we are moving further away from the people in front of us. We've just to keep going in that ilk."