Pirelli has announced its tyre compound allocations for the upcoming British, Hungarian, Belgian and Italian races, with the Monza event featuring a softer option than in 2014.

The Italian firm has come under fire for its conservative tyre allocations and constructions in recent races, but it has opted to keep a similar format to last year's races, with Silverstone getting medium and hard tyre options, while Hungary, Belgium and Italy is soft and medium.

However, though Silverstone, Hungaroring and Spa are unchanged from last year, Monza will see a softer compound option having developed a new rear tyre construction can better handle the high-speeds of the Italian venue.

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"Temperatures can be very high at the Hungaroring, so the selection will provide resistance to thermal degradation. Spa is the longest lap of the year, where the medium and soft should provide consistent performance.

"Monza is Pirelli's home race and the 'temple of speed', with the two tyres set to open up interesting possibilities for race strategy."