Red Bull boss Dietrich Mateschitz has dismissed the suggestion that Red Bull Racing could ditch its Renault engines in favour of Ferrari power units, suggesting it is more likely to withdraw through a lack of 'motivation' than become a customer team.

As Red Bull's disillusionment with power unit supplier Renault rumbles on, rumours have suggested it could be considering its options, especially if Renault decides to forge ahead with plans to purchase another team for a full factory effort, or withdraw altogether.

As such, Honda has been mooted as a possible target in the future, while Ferrari has also emerged in the rumour mill in recent days as a possible alternative.

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However, ahead of Red Bull's home round at the Red Bull Ring in Austria, Mateschitz has flatly denied the suggestion, saying Renault is its one and only option and that it will never become a secondary customer team to Ferrari or Mercedes.

"There's nothing to it," he told Speedweek. "There are 2016 no alternative to Renault. With such a customer engine you'll never be more world champions.

With this in mind, Mateschitz - who has passed comment more than once in 2015 that Red Bull could walk away from the sport if the regulations aren't amended to bring it back into contention - says the company is losing interest

"If we see that we have no chance at a world title more, because we are also hampered in terms of aerodynamics ... We simply lose interest."

"No driver and no chassis in the world can compensate for this HP handicap. In addition, our chances with the aerodynamic regulations are so restrictive that designer Adrian Newey with his talents at the front wing cannot make a difference.

"We have already used up the fourth engine, so we are at the back in the starting line-up. What more needs to happen until you lose interest?"


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Geeez: Slagging off your engine supplier is not doing anyone any good.


slagging off their engine supplier for providing a useless piece of junk is 100% right. rbr are giving renault millions and millions for an so called pu that wouldnt pull the skin off a rice pudding. do you expect them to sit back and just accept that? renault are not serious. they have not even spent any tokens to try and update their units.

rbr involvement has been good for f1. their departure would certainly be very bad for f1.

As RBR are a 'factory' team what makes you think they pay for their engines?