Lotus driver Romain Grosjean says he has apologised to Will Stevens after their clash during the Canadian Grand Prix, freely conceding he "fucked-up".

Grosjean was running sixth in Montreal when he tried to lap Stevens, cutting across him into the braking zone for the final corner, with the left-rear of his Lotus making contact with the Manor's front wing. Grosjean gave a candid view of the incident on the team radio at the time, but after the race, having seen the replay, Grosjean held-up his hands and accepted it was his fault.

Now ahead of this weekend's Austrian Grand Prix, the Frenchman has revealed he has gone to see Stevens to say sorry.

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"Yeah I went to apologise, because I fucked up," Grosjean told reporters. "All is okay [now]. Basically I killed a big part of my race but I broke his front wing as well and even though they are fighting at the back they are still trying to do their best so it wasn't very nice of me to turn in to him."

Asked if it is easy to make those kinds of errors, Grosjean replied: "It was just a failure of concentration. When you lap a car it is fairly easy to forget it, and I think with that corner as well there is a chicane with a wall on the exit and I was just focusing on the apex. I didn't even realise I was turning left and then I saw the replay and thought 'that was bad'. So it is something you learn and try not to do again."

Meanwhile, Stevens says he appreciates the fact that Grosjean made the effort to come and apologise.

"It was good of him because it was just a racing incident which should never happen, but it is just one of those things which did. He obviously thought I was more out of the way than I was but I was as far over as I could possibly get. So, there was no intention from anyone at all, it is just one of those things. But it is good that he came over and apologised and I respect him for that a lot and now we can move on and forget about it really," Stevens remarked.