Jenson Button says it is likely he will be joining Fernando Alonso in taking more penalties for the Austrian Grand Prix, but says there is a chance he will get to run McLaren-Honda's new short nose design regardless.

The Englishman endured a fraught day at the wheel of the MP4-30 around the Red Bull Ring, proving trouble-free - but down on performance - in FP1, before making improvements in FP2 only to be hit by an ignition plug issue that would leave him consigned to the garage for the final 30mins.

More concerning for Button, however, is the prospect of taking a multiple hit on penalties ahead of the race, though it is yet to be confirmed. If so, it will be the second consecutive event that he will have been forced to take penalties and comes after team-mate Alonso was also slapped with two ten-place grid penalties of his own in Austria.

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"We have come a long way from FP1, the balance wasn't there, so FP2 was much better in both areas," he said. "Then we had a spark plug issue. Not a great day, hopefully better tomorrow. I am probably going to have to take a penalty, so qualifying I will have some fun because I am probably starting at the back.

"With penalties you really need a safety car to bring you into the game and hopefully that will be the case and we can race."

Despite this, Button says there is a chance after all that he may run the short-nose that Alonso got to try out in FP2 for the first time, though it isn't clear whether this is in addition to his team-mate, or instead of.

"It takes a lot longer to go through the data [to gauge improvements], but there is a chance I will be running with it tomorrow. Hopefully."