Valtteri Bottas believes Williams still has a good chance of making an impression on the Austrian Grand Prix despite failing to get on terms with Ferrari as hoped during qualifying.

Though the Finn didn't get the best from the FW37 over his single lap as he slipped behind Force India's Nico Hulkenberg and was out-qualified by team-mate Felipe Massa, he has higher hopes going into the race.

Indeed, Bottas is confident he can dispatch of Hulkenberg quickly and turn his attention to joining Massa in putting the pressure on Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel ahead.

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"It was really tight as expected, we just didn't have pace enough to match Mercedes or Ferrari. A bit unfortunate Hulkenberg got in front of me but the Q3 run was nothing special.

"Not the best qualifying for me bit not that bad for us as a team because we know we have good race pace and so far it has looked the most promising of the Fridays, so we are hopeful for tomorrow, it is a long race.

"Here it is still not easy [to get past the Force India] because it is the same engine and we know they are going to struggle much more in the race, so for us it will be crucial to get past as quickly as possible. If we get stuck behind and they are slow with pace, then it will cost a lot

Reflecting on the changes to the car, though Bottas admits the Williams may not be the fastest in a straight line, he says it is a stronger package altogether.

"We have all the new bits in the car and they worked as expected. We are not anymore maybe the quickest car on the straights but we are now quicker in the corners."