Red Bull Racing's Daniel Ricciardo says some issues under braking were why he was unable to qualify higher than 14th for the Austrian Grand Prix.

Ricciardo got knocked out in Q2 at the Red Bull Ring as he could only do a 1 minute 10.482 second lap, leaving 0.295s off team-mate, Daniil Kvyat, who just squeezed into Q3 in the sister car. Kvyat went on to qualify in eighth.

"We ran into some issues under braking in Q2," Ricciardo told reporters after the session. "I know what I felt, but we are not sure we know why it happened.

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"I think it was two separate issues - for once we weren't able to get the temperatures into the brakes, there was an off-set between the left and right side, and then there was some other stuff going on, I don't know whether it was engine braking related or with the downshift, but basically I couldn't pull up the car. So a couple of separate issues, both under braking, which hurt us a lot.

"It was a bit of a shame it happened during quali but as long as we get it sorted for tomorrow, we will try and make a better race."

Ricciardo, who will drop 10-places on the grid for an ICU change, also added that he felt sure he would have been in the top-ten shootout, but for those problems.

"I think we were looking better. I have to see how much time we lost, but I mean I was braking a lot earlier than I was even in P3, for example. There was a chunk of time lost there and I am sure we would have been in Q3 without it," he confirmed.

"Particularly the first two sectors, they have a few big braking zones and when you lose out there, it is hard to make up because there are only then four corners really for the rest of the lap, so just too big a compromise round a short circuit."