Bernie Ecclestone says he doesn't believe Red Bull will follow through on its threat to quit Formula 1, joking that instead of a 'divorce', Dietrich Mateschitz just 'needs a new girlfriend'.

Ahead of Red Bull Racing's home Austrian Grand Prix, Mateschitz says he is becoming increasingly disillusioned by F1 in the wake of the new regulations, which halted its run of four world titles and prompted a sizeable rift with engine supplier Renault as it struggles to develop a competitive power unit.

However, though Mateschitz made a pointed and specifically timed comment to the Red Bull owned Speedweek publication ahead of its home event that he is 'losing motivation' for F1, Ecclestone has dismissed that it will lead to its withdrawal, likening the rocky relationship with Renault as him just needing 'a new girlfriend'.

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"I don't think so," he told reporters at the Red Bull Ring. "I know Mr Mateschitz very well and there would be more chance of him pulling out if he was winning than when he was losing. It doesn't mean it's because he's falling out of love, he wants a divorce. He just needs a new girlfriend, that's all.

"I think as much as Red Bull are happy they be successful, so are we. They have been very, very good with us, Renault. They have supported us and done a first class job. At the moment they have just missed out a bit on this power unit.

"I think Dietrich he is a reasonably intelligent guy and knows what he says and what the effects are."

"He's a bit frustrated. He's spent a lot of money and done a good job and he's been fantastic for Formula One and has been in Formula One a lot longer than people realise and has always supported Formula One.