Felipe Massa hung on to claim a podium for Williams in the Austrian Grand Prix, despite late pressure from Sebastian Vettel.

Massa moved ahead of Vettel in the pit stops, with the Ferrari man losing time - over 10 seconds - due to an issue with the right-rear. That allowed Massa to take third and while Vettel closed back in near the end, the Brazilian was able to maintain position, finishing 0.6 seconds ahead and 17.5s off the winner.

"I think it was a fantastic race today. We managed to get Sebastian with his problem that he had in the pit stop. I didn't see it, I don't know what happened, but I managed to pass him there and then I understood that maybe at the end of the race he would be behind me because they are maybe one or two tenths quicker every lap," Massa remarked.

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"But at the end he got there and I just managed to keep the line and not making any mistakes and just used a little bit of experience and I am so happy. It was an amazing race. It was a fantastic result for the whole team.

"My son was correct. He said I was going to finish third! He was right and I hope I can celebrate [now] after this interview."

Meanwhile, Massa added that the 3-5 finish for Williams was good news for it in the battle with Ferrari for P2 in the Constructors'.

"I think it was very good for the team. It was important points against Ferrari and also looking at what happened to Kimi today [who did not finish after the accident on the opening lap]. We are not giving up. We will fight them to the end and we understand that they maybe have a little bit of a quicker car compared to us, but we are working very hard to improve and to be there. We are really trying to get back the points that they are in front. It is not easy, but it is what we are trying."

His first podium since the 2014 season-concluding Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, the result marks Massa's 40th career F1 podium. It also sees him pass the 1,000 points mark.