Christian Horner has suggested an 'independent' figure could prove a solution to determining Formula 1's future as he once against hit out at the ineffectiveness of F1's Strategy Group.

The Red Bull Racing manager has been a staunch critic of the Strategy Group and its failure to implement changes due to the various parties and interests involved, taking the opportunity to repeat his claim that the FOM and FIA take control by introducing the rules and challenging teams to either abide or leave.

However, Horner goes further with the suggestion that F1 should possibly call upon a related, yet still independent observer, such as former Ferrari, Honda, BrawnGP and Mercedes team principal Ross Brawn, to help draw up the future regulations of the sport.

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"I think the Strategy Group is fairly inept," he said. "I keep saying it and I will repeat it again now: It is the commercial rights holder and the governing body to decide what F1 should be and then put it on the table to the teams and say 'this is what we want the product to be, these are the rules, this is the entry form'.

"The results of the Sporting Working Group is the [engine] penalties we are seeing here, they become too complex. The technical working group is the engine rules that we have so take it out of those groups, come up with a product and then place it in front of the teams.

"Maybe you need an independent observer, someone not involved... someone like Ross Brawn that understands the challenges and knows the business to write a specification for what a car or technical regulations should be."

Indeed, Horner says F1 cannot afford to wait until 2017 for changes to be made, not least the penalty structure following a weekend that saw both McLarens take a combined equivalent of 50 place grid penalties.

"There is a lot of discussions for 2017, but can we afford to wait until 2017? I think we need to accelerate some of those.

"Decisions need to be made so people know what is coming. I think we need to simplify a lot of these rules, because taking penalties and then further penalties, it is not right what the grid is until 10pm after qualifying, then further penalties in race... For the teams to follow it is complicated, so for the fans we need to keep it simple and go back to the basics of what F1 is."


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Jean Todt is weak unlik Mosley... Ross brawn would be good if he will be in power.

rob01: Why would anyone quit enjoying life and come back to F1 to play cut throat?[\blockquote]

Rob, The spice man embarked on a fishing hobby when not vilifying his engine supplier since one of the biggest fall from grace ever seen in F1. [\blockquote]

107 your comment is as clear as mud. Ross was not a Spice man but he is the one with the fishing hobby.