Felipe Nasr has urged Sauber to get to the bottom of his brake issues after a reoccurrence of the problems that hampered him in Canada.

The Brazilian was eyeing more points after qualifying ninth and starting eighth, but despite a bright start he was forced to pit earlier than planned due to graining brought about by brake issues.

Coming after he suffered problems with overheating and a lack of confidence in Canada, though tweaks have helped him overcome the latter, issues with the former in Austria would see him slip outside the top ten.

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Branding the problems as 'dangerous' at time, Nasr is hoping for a fix soon but believes it won't happen until Hungary at the earliest.

"My brakes were overheating, which also happened in Canada," he said. "There were certain moments where it felt dangerous. We made some changes that solved part of the problem, improve my feeling on the brakes. I was able to regain confidence and attack my braking, unlike Canada, when I couldn't feel the brakes properly.

"But the second issue is the overheating, which again occurred here. We made certain modifications to improve my feeling [which worked], but the overheating was the same and that is what we need to solve."

"For Silverstone, I believe it is difficult to find a solution, but it's not a track that requires as much braking. But there will be several other events, such as Hungary, Singapore, where it is important that it is resolved."