Valtteri Bottas added 79 laps of data collection to Williams team-mate Susie Wolff's contribution from day one of the Red Bull Ring test, focusing the frontrunner's preparation for the second half of the F1 season.

Although he was the only driver to fail to reach 100 laps on a day thankfully devoid of the heavy rain that caused havoc on Tuesday, Bottas insisted that he had been able to complete the programme set out for him.

"It was a good day overall and, luckily, the weather was kinder to us, although the work Susie did yesterday was really important as we continued our programme," the Finn confirmed, "We focused on aero and mechanical work, and now have a clearer idea where we need to push in terms of development."

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While Bottas' best lap time was ultimately demoted from first to third in the final standings, chief test engineer Rod Nelson confirmed that the important work had been done across all 79 laps as the team focused on both aero and chassis development.

"We have had an excellent day today to complete the two-day test," he noted, "We completed our scheduled programme, including a number of additional items on top, which is really positive.

"It was great to have Susie back in the car yesterday, and Valtteri has built on that progress today. We have a lot of data to go through now and a clear direction in terms of development."