Felipe Massa has warned making Formula 1 faster will not necessarily improve the entertainment, saying 'intelligent' solutions are required to improve the sport's spectacle.

F1 has come under scrutiny in recent weeks over claims from certain drivers that the cars are no longer challenging to drive, with Kimi Raikkonen and Niki Lauda suggesting F1 needs to increase the fear factor in order to prioritise skill.

Ahead of next week's Strategy Group meeting, in which proposals to make the cars up to six seconds a lap quicker with aerodynamic changes will be considered, Massa has warned against simply increasing the speed as a way of improving the show, saying there is a potential negative consequence of reduced overtaking.

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"I understand that it's interesting to make the cars quicker. But if you make the cars five seconds quicker and you have even less overtaking that there are at the moment, people will complain anyway.

"We also need to do something on the technical side to help, but also some things for the whole weekend. But the changes should be intelligent, not just putting more downforce on the cars. Because the car will be quicker, we'll brake even later so maybe the overtaking will be more difficult. And people won't understand that. And the changes need to be what people want to see.

Indeed, Massa says changes should be 'intelligent', from reaching out to people via social media, and not to instigate change for the sake of change.

"I want the car to be as quick as we can but the changes need to be intelligent. It does not need to be only about making the cars quicker on track. Because if you are three seconds quicker, it does not show on TV. It needs to be intelligent changes, to improve the show for the people.

"I was watching the NBA finals this week. It was amazing. I followed them on Instagram. It's amazing how this helps the competition. If you see one game, Instagram is showing so many things for the people. We need that here as well. We need to see and understand what people are doing in other championships and try to copy things that are good for the people.

"People want to see competition. People want to see overtake. People want to see fights. And I think that need to be the changes, I understand. But when I hear Kimi and Niki Lauda say it should be more dangerous, I don't agree. I just believe it should be better and more intelligent.

"There should be a very important study to make things more intelligent, not just to change. Because in Formula One, we always have a lot of changes but sometimes change is not changing anything."


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Rexxy: May be fans cant spot 3 seconds difference on tv..so how about making f1 8 or 10 secons faster with screaming engines...beating previous lap records will surely claw back some intrest among fans.....By the way NBA is tottaly Lame[\blockquote]

Reducing lap records has always been part of the show. However, knocking chunks off is self defeating as the opportunities to overtake would be drastically reduced unless the car behind has a large advantage or tracks are redesigned to offer more than one line round the corners.