FIA President Jean Todt says he remains supportive of the current V6 hybrid engine regulations, but admits they have become too expensive and it is his intention to bring down costs for customers.

Whilst the current era of hybrid power units have won praise for their technological advancements, they have also come into criticism for their complexity and, subsequently, high cost to develop and buy.

Indeed, the fee of an engine supply to a customer team has risen substantially since the start of 2014 and prompted complaints from the likes of Force India, Sauber and Lotus, who feels costs are now spiralling in order to just compete.

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It is an issue that Todt says he wants to address quickly, admitting it is his responsibility for not ensuring they were better value for customer team from the start.

"If you take the engine, I do agree that it's too expensive," he said. "Here I take the responsibility of probably not having secured a maximum cost to the customers. It's something we are going to address. It's better late than never, but we are going to address the cost for the customers."

Having faced criticism that the engines are also no loud enough or powerful enough, though Bernie Ecclestone has lobbied for a return to V8s with 1000bhp, Todt says he is against the idea of moving away from the current generation of power units.

"f Formula One has a headache, we need to define what is a good prescription. So if somebody says to me a good prescription is to get rid of these engines, I don't agree. I agree that they're too expensive but I do share that it was the right thing to have these engines.

Todt even says he is in favour of four cylinder engines, pointing to the recent success of Porsche at Le Mans as an example of how it can work and still have marketing value.

"The first proposal - which I accepted - was the four cylinders. Then it was a kind of big mess. 'We don't want four cylinders'. Who won Le Mans? Porsche. What engine did they have? Four cylinders. Nobody could argue that Porsche is not a good brand and not a sports brand."