Renault has played down its reluctance in using its allocated tokens to help develop its much maligned power unit, but says the coming weeks will be important in planning for the remainder of the season.

With the half-way point in the 2015 season approaching between the British and Hungarian Grand Prix, Renault's ongoing troubles with competitiveness and reliability have prompted a souring of relationships with its Red Bull Racing customer.

Despite this, Renault - along with Mercedes - is yet to use any of its tokens for engine development, raising speculation it is saving them up for a big update towards the end of 2015 that will take it through to 2016.

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Though it isn't a method that Rob White divulges, he does admit a plan on how they will be used over the remainder of the season is being devised.

"Engine development is a long, hard slog and the weeks in front of us are important, both for now, for preparing the races that are directly in front of us and preparing for the rest of the season, because the token introduction becomes a kind of juggling act in which you have to plan, by counting back from the end of the season, when it makes sense to spend tokens, when it's possible to make a planned introduction and then there's another kind of tactical dimension which is that you might choose to have a spec available that is not planned but is available in case opportunity presents itself.

"So the weeks we are in now are kind of crucial for both of those short-term matters and of course we also have to keep our eye on the longer-term future, including the forthcoming season, because it's now back at base at the factory that those things are built."

Indeed, White says another reason why the tokens haven't been used is because Renault has been focusing on reliability before speed.

"We had an obvious big reliability moment that required our full attention. We knew we were in bother right from the start and we knew that the management of the sporting penalties would be an issue for us right from the start of the season and now we've got to make all that come together with all the performance upgrades that are now back on course but will of course arrive later than we had originally planned and the direct consequence of having to deal with the reliability matters. "