Lewis Hamilton had admitted that, despite being a Mercedes man, he wouldn't want his team-mate to keep the F1 world title at Brackley.

Speaking on the Graham Norton Show, the Briton - who saw off a Rosberg challenge he called the 'most intense' of his career to win last year's F1 title - conceded that, although the fractious relationship that dominated the 2014 is largely healed, he would still rather someone else took his crown.

"It's a difficult one," Hamilton explained, "You are a team and the job is for both drivers to get points to win the championships. But, individually, we both want to win, so we want to beat each other. I'm supposed to say that, if I don't win, I want my team-mate to win, but it's not really the case."

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Hamilton again saw his 2015 championship lead cut to ten points after Rosberg beat him to the chequered flag in Austria last weekend, but then passed up the opportunity to get extra development miles under his belt by asking to be released from a testing commitment at the same Red Bull Ring circuit in the week. Rosberg took over from reserve driver Pascal Wehrlein for day two of the session, completed in excess of 100 laps and posted the fastest time of the 17 drivers who took part.

British Racing Drivers' Club president Derek Warwick - who will welcome the F1 field to Silverstone this coming weekend - said that he found it 'bizarre' that Hamilton would want to miss out on any testing opportunity, especially as he was not involved in the previous in-season session in Barcelona just over a month ago. Interestingly, that test also followed a race Rosberg won on merit. The German now has three wins to Hamilton's four, but admits that he was handed the Monaco victory by a pit-stop miscue from the Mercedes team.

Hamilton inflamed the situation by posting social media images of himself with musician Pharrell Williams in Monaco - and was also spotted supporting the singer during his set at Glastonbury on Saturday night.

"[Hamilton] was off the pace all weekend in Austria, [and] he had a bad start, so I'd want to be trying that start out again, checking my clutch is ready for the British GP," Warwick told Sky Sports The F1 Show, "I just find it bizarre that he would say 'no' and go off and be in Monaco with whoever he was with. As a racing driver, you want every second you can in the car, if anything to keep the other driver out."