Maurizio Arrivabene says Ferrari must start working better during Friday practice sessions in order to get a better representation of its true pace.

Ferrari has shown itself to be a match for Mercedes during the practice sessions, with Sebastian Vettel emerging fastest of all after the four hours of running during the Austrian Grand Prix heading into qualifying.

However, the team is yet to have broken Mercedes' stranglehold on qualifying dominance this year, while the Austrian race proved an example of where it couldn't muster a similar challenge come race day either.

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With this in mind, Arrivabene doesn't want Ferrari's flattering practice pace to deceive, urging the team to focus on comparative fuel loads to get a better indication of where its performance is.

"It depends on how much fuel Mercedes have compared to us," he said. "Now I have said to the engineer that it is better to work on Friday with a full tank and so we can see a correct comparison, not to see a fake one."

Indeed, with Vettel suggesting Ferrari's hard tyre pace during the second-half of the race was comparable with Mercedes, Arrivabene says he doesn't want tyre allocation to be an excuse for competitiveness.

"It is the downforce, it is the traction, they are all issues that we are working on," he said. "Sometimes for example, in Silverstone, I read the announcement of the tyres [medium and hard] are in our favour, [but] it doesn't have to be in our favour. I don't want this to be an excuse.

"It is a challenge for us to work better and to work on the traction and the downforce of the car to make sure that we can go very good with any type of tyre.

"I was hearing that Vettel, he was looking after qualifying at the tyres of the Mercedes and he said the consumption was very, very good. I think we have to take this not as a criticism but as learning. Learning is good when you do something about it."