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Susie Wolff says she remains focused on achieving her objective of making it onto the Formula 1 grid, but admits she will be considering her options come the end of the year.

The 32 year-old has been part of the Williams team since 2012, initially as a development driver before being promoted to test driver for 2015, a role that has duly seen her take in a handful of FP1 and test outings with the team over the past 12 months.

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Indeed, though she hasn't raced full-time since 2012, Wolff has been steadfast in her efforts to prove herself capable of competing in F1 through her association with Williams, saying the privileged position she is in is ultimately her chance to show she has the ability.

That said, Wolff is aware of the challenge she faces in making the step into a race drive, admitting she will consider her next step come the end of the season.

"There's only one way it can pan out, and that's to be on the starting grid," she told "I get as close as I can get to be in the race car, and there is only one step up and that is to be on the starting grid. But, it's incredibly tough, like any other driver that tries to get in here will tell you, so I need to think long and hard and look towards the end of the year what the options are.

Despite this, Wolff says she remains committed to putting herself in a position for a race drive should the opportunity arrive, by making the most of each outing.

"This is a very performance-based environment, you have to be performing every time you're in a car. You have to be ready to pounce when a rare chance comes. Situations can sometimes change very quickly, if there's a rule change and a third car or customer teams come in, I've got to make sure I'm in the right place at the right time.

"I have to perform every time I'm in the car, and show that I'm capable, and I need a little bit of timing and luck to come together," she said. "If I'm in a situation when a space opens up and I'm ready, because at Williams we have two great racing drivers that do a fantastic job. Here, it would be very difficult, but for me right now, I can't comprehend not being at Williams Martini Racing. It's my team, where my heart is."