Christian Horner says Red Bull is still hoping to get Renault's significant power unit developments this season, even if he accepts they are likely to be 'months away'

As Renault works hard behind-the-scenes to bring its power unit up to muster having fallen short of its Mercedes and Ferrari rivals in terms of reliability and outright pace, the complexity of the project is believed to be drawing out the likely introduction date.

As it stands, Renault is yet to use any of its development tokens this season, though it is thought it may be withholding them now in order to get a head-start on its rivals for next year.

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For Red Bull though, Horner is hoping these developments can be used in action this year so as to help it design a more rounded package for 2016.

"Renault is working hard behind the scenes and coming out with some interesting concepts," he said. "The problem in engine world is everything is long lead time, you test as a single cylinder first before you go into a V6 format. They are obviously still working on that single cylinder format which means the lead time to any V6 is several months away. We're hopeful of seeing something before the end of the year.

"We certainly feel it would be an advantage to get it on the car this year because at least we're learning about the characteristics. In reality, this year is compromised anyway for us so it's important to use the time constructively to put together a better package for next year."