Even with his F1 career closer to its end than its beginning, Jenson Button insists that he will not be turning to Formula E to remain in single-seater racing in future.

Although he was quick to admit that the new-for 2015 series probably had its place in the racing pantheon, the 2009 world champion admitted that he could not get excited by it, bypassing last weekend's final round in London.

Although he conceded that he had watched a race or two this year, the ever-diplomatic Button insisted that it was not the technology drawing him in, and it was highly unlikely he would be joining the list of attractions any time soon.

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"I have watched a race this year and the reason is not because of the cars themselves, it's because of the drivers," he pointed out, "There are a lot of drivers I've raced against over the years - I think there's 13 ex-F1 drivers - and that's what makes the category exciting. They've got some real talent there, they've done a good job of getting talented drivers in the cars.

"I think there's a great place for electric 'racing' - if that's what you want to call it - and I think there's a good fight amongst the talented drivers that are there , but it's not something that interests me. Motorsport is motorsport for me - the thing that I love is the smell, the sound and the speed and that is what F1 is all about."

Not even McLaren's dismal campaign could turn Button to pastures new, and the Briton maintains that he will enjoy this weekend's British Grand Prix at Silverstone regardless of what the fates throw at him. His last outing last less than 30 minutes in Austria, but the F1 veteran said Silverstone always provides enough of a reason to want to come back year after year.

"Every race that we race in is a special race, and you can find reasons to be excited, but, when it's your home grand prix, it's always very special," he explained, "The British fans and public will be here whether it's raining, 32 degrees, or whether there's a British guy at the front or a British guy at the back. They will always be here to support us, which is fantastic. There's always a very, very special atmosphere here and I'm really looking forward to it. I will maximise what we have this weekend."