Honda will be granted an additional engine for the 2015 Formula 1 season following the decision to enact a regulation change that stipulates any new manufacturer will get one additional power unit in its first year.

One of several changes being imposed immediately and prospectively following a meeting of the FIA, FOM and teams in this week's Strategy Group, a proposal to allow new engine manufacturers a fifth engine - instead of the standard four - was agreed unanimously.

As such, though Honda has already used its allocated four power units, the new regulation will still apply retroactively, meaning it will not take a penalty for one more engine change for either Fernando Alonso or Jenson Button in 2015.

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The original proposal to allow all teams an extra engine was rejected in May after concerns from Mercedes it was a ploy by Renault to get an additional power unit under the guise of ensuring additional Friday track time. As such, the new proposal has been limited to new teams as a token for any manufacturers considering an entry.

In addition, Honda and Renault's struggles to make the current generation of power units reliable has prompted a proposal to overhaul the power unit component penalties.

Though the exact details of this haven't been made public as yet, it was unanimously agreed by the Strategy Group and will be submitted to the F1 Commission via an express fax vote for an adoption at the World Motorsport Council in Mexico City next week.

In addition, proposals to change the exhaust system to improve the engine noise will also go for consideration.

The Austrian Grand Prix saw Button and Alonso accumulate a total of 50 place grid penalties, leading many to criticise the cumulative system currently in place.