Fernando Alonso has absolved himself of responsibility in the accident that took himself and Kimi Raikkonen out of the Austrian Grand Prix following suggestions he may have in fact tapped his rival into the offending spin.

The accident, which occurred on the opening lap coming out of the turn two hairpin around the Red Bull Ring, was blamed on Raikkonen losing control of his Ferrari under wheelspin, the Finn subsequently collecting Alonso as he attempted to correct the slide, resulting in his rival lodged on top of the barrier and his car.

With no conclusive video content coming from cars behind, a number of fans videos have since emerged, which prompted suggestion Alonso may have been the perpetrator by tagging Raikkonen. However, it was an assertion an evidently irked two-time world champion staunchly denied.

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"I was ten metres behind him and in some of the videos it looks like so, I'm clearly behind him. Kimi after the race said he lost the car and even with that still 15 days later we are talking about the same people, so people are sick because I don't understand."

Looking ahead to British Grand Prix weekend, where he appeared to confirm the damage caused to the Honda engine in the smash means it has been scrapped, Alonso suggested the announcement that the manufacturer will get an extra allocated engine for 2015 means he could nonetheless escape punishment at Silverstone.

"Obviously we put a new engine and paid a penalty in Austria and then we lost the engine and the gearbox in the accident. I know they have some talks with the FIA, the team, to find some common sense so hopefully we found a solution for this loss."