Nico Rosberg admitted that he would have to wait and see how much of an advantage he held over the rest of the F1 field after the opening day of the British Grand Prix at Silverstone.

The German defied a gearbox change in the morning session to post the fastest time in both FP1 and FP2, but insisted that it had not been an easy day.

"I'm not that happy as the car was a bit all over the place still but, in the end, I got the laps in," he reflected, "[The hydraulic issue] was a bit of a nuisance, especially to lose some running, but the team did a great job to turn the car round and get me out again. They completely dissected the car, took the rear end away, put a new one on and got me going again, all within 45 minutes - which is incredible."

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Rosberg was also wary about reading too much into a day that saw Silverstone bathed in hot sunshine. Although a stiff breeze kept the drivers on their toes at various corners, the German was more concerned about the progress made with set-up being negated by a change in conditions as the weekend progresses.

"It is a lot hotter now than it will be on Sunday for the race," he claimed, "We need to be careful with that as a balance which is good today is not going to be ideal for Sunday - not by far. We need to think ahead, but I think it was still valuable today.

"For sure, it is the same for everybody, but it's going to make it difficult in the race tyre wear-wise. If you set your car with understeer or oversteer, how's it going to be when it's a lot colder? The balance changes a lot and then which tyre wears most? The front end? The rear end? Everything changes with temperature....

"It's an extremely different track and, for one, we've gone to the hard tyres, which we've not used in a while now. It's the fastest track of the year in terms of average corner speed, so it's very, very fast and that means it's a totally different requirement for the car. We've come here with quite a different set-up on the car based on historical knowledge, but to try and perfect it is challenging. There are so many different types of corner here - low speed long corners, low speed short, high speed, there's everything - and to get the best compromise around here is difficult."