Plans to overhaul the race and qualifying format of a Formula 1 race weekend are at a very early stage, according to Claire Williams, following the announcement that some 'innovative' changes are being considered.

A meeting of the Strategy Group at Biggin Hill this week saw a series of changes imposed and proposed, with the official press release revealing plans to look into an overhaul of the race weekend as early as 2016, even if it didn't give specific details.

Ideas believed to have been put forward include a second 'sprint' race on a race weekend, possibly in lieu of qualifying, introducing races for third cars, amending qualifying to a format more akin to MotoGP or simply shorter, faster races.

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However, Williams says the decision to reveal that changes are being considered is more to show that the sport is looking at all avenues, but stresses full analysis on their viability is yet to take place.

"The ideas that we are considering are embryonic and we have to ensure that do a full analysis of those ideas. I think it's very easy to come up with ideas in a meeting and then to come out and talk about them in the public and get everyone very overexcited about them and not actually having done the full analysis can lead to disappoints, getting things wrong and then having to retract ideas.

"What we wanted to do at the moment was to tell everybody that we have new ideas that we are considering and that we want to bring out to improve the show for our fans.

"Until we've done the analysis to make sure that we get it right I don't think we want to go into any level of detail about it. But as soon as we've done that I think we'll all come out and be very proud of the ideas we've come up with."