Max Verstappen says he is uncertain as to why he flopped during qualifying for the British Grand Prix, suggesting the car felt considerably different to what it did in practice.

The teenager was looking to challenge deep inside the top ten having proven quick throughout practice, but complained early on in Q1 that the Toro Rosso felt difficult to drive, before going on to suffer a brief spin.

Though he would make it through to Q2, he wouldn't progress any further, ending up 13th on the grid, well behind his eighth place team-mate Carlos Sainz.

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"I could feel at the start of qualifying the car was not behaving like it should be," said Verstappen. "After the first two corners I had so much oversteer and wheelspin I destroyed the rear tyres. For the rest of the lap I had no rear tyres left.

"It was very strange. I can't really given an explanation as to what went wrong - oversteer, a lot of traction problems compared to P3 and the other practices.

"Something definitely was not right there. Normally you always improve, so we really have to analyse what went wrong because we don't want this in the race."