Though he may be becoming used to disappointment this season, Jenson Button admits struggling in front of his home crowd is a particularly bitter pill to swallow as he prepares to start 18th for his 16th British Grand Prix.

The Englishman had always predicted a struggle at Silverstone with the uncompetitive McLaren-Honda, but the disappointing qualifying session - which saw him better only the two Manor cars - would prove particularly frustrating.

Indeed, though Button has attempted to stay motivated throughout the troubled times, he admits he would especially love to put it aside for the home fans around a circuit he has never won a podium at.

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"It's tough, really tough, especially today in front of the home crowd. You forget the position you are in when you get in the car, especially when you are in front of the home crowd, because even if the public and the fans know our situation, you still always hope for more at the home grand prix. It wasn't our day."

Despite this, Button takes some heart in the solidarity of his relationship with team-mate Fernando Alonso, even if the methods of staying upbeat may be considered somewhat unorthodox...

"I gave him a nipple tweak a minute ago, I got a bit of a smile in return, so there are still some positive feelings after qualifying!

"It is difficult for both of us, we are both used to fighting for wins and being near the front, it is tough for us and the team, so us sticking together and developing together is really key. It is a massive bonus for us all that we can bring together.


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Honda had over a year and a half to prepair for 2015, their must be something fundermentally wrong with the car/engine, at the start of pre season testing in 2014, so many cars had trouble that most comentaters said we would be luckily to see any cars finnish in Australia, but they did, they resolved a lot of problems, half way throught 2015 and look a McLaren Honda, I want to see Alonso and Button racing near the front, making the racing more enjoyable for all of us !!!. But just can't see it happening, sadly.