Toto Wolff says he would be open to the prospect of supplying Red Bull with engines beyond 2016, but insists there are no ongoing discussions underway to do so.

Reports ahead of the British Grand Prix have stoked speculation that iconic sportscar marque Aston Martin is considering options to enter F1 in a collaboration with four-time world championship winning team Red Bull, albeit with a deal involving rebranded Mercedes engines.

Though Red Bull isn't keen on the prospect of a customer supply from a major rival, a potential rebrand of that engine could well provide a short-term solution - or, at least, a marketing diversion -. Aston Martin's interest has reportedly emerged on the back of its recently appointed CEO Andy Palmer, who brokered Red Bull's Infiniti deal and returned Nissan to sportscars before defecting to Aston Martin.

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Indeed, though Mercedes motorsport boss Wolff makes no specific mention of Aston Martin, he says if it came down to the manufacturer supplying engines to Red Bull and/or Toro Rosso to ensure it stayed in the sport, he would be open to doing so.

"I'm leaving the door open. There are many things to be considered. What happens if Renault decides to have its own team and buy another team? Will they continue to supply Toro Rosso and Red Bull, and if not what are the solutions?

"Who is going to supply them in order to make sure they stay in the sport? What does it mean for us, because until now they were the enemy? Maybe there is a new enemy.

"What does it mean in the great scheme of things in politics and the balance of things?

At the same time, however, Wolff insists there have been no discussions, either from Mercedes or through any other brand.

"There are no discussions and there are no discussions ongoing and nothing has been started, but you need to consider all the options."

The Aston Martin branding rumours comes as a result of a tie-up between the manufacturer and Mercedes' tuning arm AMG in 2013, which has allowed the British firm to develop a new range of sportscars using its engines.