Valtteri Bottas admits he is disappointed at being prevented from challenging his Williams team-mate Felipe Massa for the lead of the British Grand Prix at a point when he felt he was the faster driver.

With Massa storming into the lead from third on the grid at the start, Bottas followed through into second place in the wake of a safety car restart that saw Lewis Hamilton run wide at the final corner.

From here, Bottas attempted to put pressure on Massa for the lead when both drivers were told to hold station in an effort to put a gap between themselves and Mercedes behind. However, Bottas felt he had the faster car to pull away if he was allowed to overtake Massa, a go-ahead he was eventually given so long as he could keep it clean and clear.

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However, Bottas says the moment of opportunity with his tyres had passed by the time he was given the green light and though he understands the reasoning behind the initial call, he feels it was a missed chance for Williams to do better than its eventual fourth and fifth.

"No one should let anyone by, I think - that's not racing - but of course it would have been nice to be able to race, at the point when I had the best opportunities. I wasn't allowed to overtake [initially], then we were allowed to race after. But then I never had that opportunity again as the tyres started to wear behind him.

"I think the team wanted to, because we were in very good positions, to settle things down. They wanted not us to lose time battling, so I think that was the thinking behind it. But of course for me it was disappointing the situation, but it's easy to say afterwards. There were possibly things we could have done today in the race."

With Hamilton get the better of Massa and Bottas through the pit-stops, the pair proceeded to lose ground when the rain began to fall, the late call to fit intermediate tyres leaving the Finn in fifth place, a result he was frustrated with in the circumstances.

"When it started to rain we stopped one lap too late, but the rain really hit us when we were around the pit entry area, and the corner after, so then we needed to pit. Vettel behind me could react, he saw we were struggling, so he could pit, so I think we were also unlucky.

"Things didn't go our way today, we would have preferred definitely a dry race and then there would have been possibility for much more points. Not our day, but what was good about today was that we had really strong pace at the beginning. We were even fighting, even for the win."