Maurizio Arrivabene has called on Ferrari to understand why it struggled to mount a challenge to Williams during the British Grand Prix, despite eventually securing a podium finish.

Arguably its least competitive performance of the 2015 season, though Sebastian Vettel beat both Williams' to third position after a savvy strategic call in the closing stages when the rain began to fall, in dry conditions it could not match their pace.

Out-qualified by both Felipe Massa and Valtteri Bottas for the first time this year too, though Arrivabene was pleased with the outcome ultimately, he says it was only possible because of the weather and the team needs to understand why it was only third-best this weekend.

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"I think [the glass] is half empty because we were doing a very good job in terms of strategy and the rain was helping us, but if the race was dry instead of being wet, the outcome was completely different. So we need, if we want to be serious, to start from there and work on the programme that we have.

Indeed, Arrivabene was particularly concerned that Ferrari's pace in a straight-line, which was evident early in the season, is now not as strong, particularly as it isn't picking up further time in the corners as a result.

"We have to discuss it in-house, but we were slow on the straight without gaining anything from the high-speed curves and this is the problem.

"If you look at Barcelona, that was more or less the same story. We have tracks.... and I'm not trying to find an excuses because this is the same thing as I said last time in Austria, but there are tracks that are in our favour and other tracks where we are struggling.

"I would like our people to be concentrated on the weaknesses instead of looking on the strengths."