Christian Horner has suggested that F1 weekends could be livened up by the return of the Procar concept, with current grand prix drivers pitted against a mix of up-and-coming talent and former stars.

With Nico Hulkenberg's winning run at Le Mans reinvigorating the call for F1 drivers to race in other categories, as they used to do in the sport's 'golden era', Horner admitted that he was more intrigued by the thought of focusing the competition on a single-make series akin to the Procar concept that graced the 1980s F1 schedule.

"Rather than racing in categories outside of F1, [it is] one of things that I think will be fun for the fans - and the promoters," he noted, "There used to be Procar years ago, where the top drivers get in a one-make car and would race it out.

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"In today's world of commercial tie-ups and pressures, it would be nice to explore the concept at certain events and put the new guys against some of the older guys. On a GP weekend, the drivers have more time than ever before on their hands. It is a concept to be discussed, but why not?"