He might be racing - and winning titles - for Mercedes now, but Lewis Hamilton clearly still has a soft spot for his former team.

The Briton, who is again locked in a two-way battle for the F1 championship crown with team-mate Nico Rosberg in 2015, admitted that it was hard for him to see the McLaren team that gave him his big break in F1 - and nurtured him through the junior ranks - struggling to the extent it is following its reunification with Honda.

After the British Grand Prix, Hamilton's personal 194-point haul dwarfs that of the entire McLaren team, which has struggled to just two points finishes courtesy of Jenson Button, in Monaco, and Fernando Alonso, at Silverstone last weekend.

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While both McLaren and Honda insist that their partnership is a work in progress, and that gains are being made with each pained outing, Hamilton still concedes that it makes for uncomfortable viewing.

"We all know its been difficult for them this year, and it's definitely hard for me to see that happening to such a great team," he claimed, before adding an optimistic note, "It's abnormal to see them in the position they're in now, but you've got Ron Dennis there, and a lot of great engineers, as well as team spirit, and I believe they'll eventually pull through. It's a dark patch they're in right now but, hopefully, there'll be light at the end of the tunnel..."


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AlonsoFann : How would he feel and would he have done if he had stayed at Mclaren, Could he handled it like Button?[\blockquote]

No, he will resolve to twitter war and will posts data from Honda and Mclaren to show that he is not the problem... Typical Lewis, thinking he is a driving god which clearly he isn't and Mercedes in the reason why he is a WC not himself.

Schumacher would have been WDC again if he had stay his full time with Merc after Ross, and all that work testing and developing.
As Love F1 just said by the time Honda McLaren comes right Jenson and Alonso maybe long gone, and K-Mag and others reap their hard work. Hami is now reaping what Schui and Nico has sowed.

How would he feel and would he have done if he had stayed at Mclaren, Could he handled it like Button?