Daniel Ricciardo says he has no problem with the 'zero tolerance' policy adopted at Copse corner during the British Grand Prix weekend, but would rather see physical disincentives to prevent drivers taking liberties with the run-off.

The Australian was among the many drivers reported for exceeding the track limits at Copse, having his best qualifying time deleted on Saturday afternoon and losing three places as a result, but conceded that the rules had to be obeyed - even if he only transgressed by a small amount.

"It's just us being greedy, trying to use every last bit of the track," he noted, "The more you use, the faster you can go...

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"The wind was tricky but I won't use that as an excuse. Even without wind, we are still going to try every bit we can. I was frustrated because I thought I was still legal, so I was upset when they said my time was deleted. I saw the replay and it was very close but, if you are being strict, then I guess I was 3cm over."

Despite the demotion, which ultimately did not affect the Australian's race as he was forced to retire after 21 laps, he insisted that, while he did not oppose the ruling, he would prefer alternative methods of controlling the drivers' excesses.

"I don't disagree with the track limits, at least there is a right and a wrong, but I think they need to put a deterrent there, either gravel or more astroturf," he suggested, "[Until then] it is what it is - I can't really blame anyone else."