Jules Bianchi's father has conceded he is becoming less optimistic that his son will recover from the serious injuries he sustained in an accident during the 2014 Japanese Grand Prix.

Bianchi suffered life-threatening head injuries after losing control of his Marussia car and striking a recovery vehicle in treacherous weather conditions at Suzuka in October 2014. The 25 year-old has been in a coma for nine months now.

It is that prolonged period of time that leads Jules' father Philippe Bianchi to believe his Jules will now never make a full recovery, saying progress will need to have been shown sooner to give him greater hope.

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"In general, progress needs to be made in the first six months," Bianchi told France Info radio. "It has been nine months now and Jules has still not woken up. As time goes by, I am less optimistic than I might have been two or three months after the accident when we could have hoped for better progress."

Philippe Bianchi also recalled a conversation he and Jules had previously had about the condition suffered by seven-time world champion Michael Schumacher, who was seriously injured in a skiing accident in December 2013 and remains in recovery.

"If he had a severe handicap, we are convinced that is not what Jules would want. We talked about it. He discussed with us that if one day he had an accident like that of Michael Schumacher, that even if his only handicap was not being able to drive, he would have a lot of difficulty living. Because it was his life."

Bianchi continues to receive treatment for his injuries in his home city of Nice, France