Sebastian Vettel says F1 has 'real problems' it should be focusing its attentions on rather than looking to shake up the race weekend format to include a Saturday qualifying race.

Following the last Strategy Group meeting at Biggin Hill, the FIA and FOM revealed it is looking into 'innovative' plans to revise the race weekend format, with proposals thought to include an additional 'sprint' race on Saturday that would determine the grid of Sunday's main race.

The idea, however, has prompted a lukewarm response from drivers, with some, including Lewis Hamilton, favouring the idea of shaking up the format, while others like Jenson Button dismissed the prospect of it ever happening.

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Indeed, Ferrari driver Vettel counts himself as an opponent of any additional races, saying it would diminish the spectacle of the main event.

"I love racing but I'm very traditional in some things so I'm not in favour [of adding sprint races]," he said. "A grand prix should be a grand prix - I know it's only a qualifying race, but I think it would take some of the spectacle away from Sunday.

Indeed, Vettel believes there are bigger issues facing F1 than changing the format, making a tongue-in-cheek reference to this year's move to ban in-season helmet design changes.

"I think we have different issues to solve and think about rather than implementing a race on Saturday. Maybe we should think about the real problems... like helmet designs!"